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Elevated Bench

Easy to Grow, Train & Harvest

Easy to Grow,
Train & Harvest

It’s time to raise
your strawberry game.

Meet the new standard for growing strawberries at home or commercially. With our new elevated bench system, we’ve optimized nearly every aspect of growing strawberries—from planting to picking.

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All-In-One System

The IBEX Strawberry System is a complete system, allowing the greatest possible control over growing conditions, like sun, soil quality, watering, and nutrition. It also helps control rain, hail and disease—and with the addition of our Premium system’s integrated misters—frost.

In addition to the bench, retractable cover, and integrated irrigation and nutrition delivery (included on Premium system), this all-in-one kit includes all necessary hardware and printed instructions.


Integrated Irrigation
& Nutrition (Optional)

With integrated irrigation and nutrition—included with our Premium system—you can take your berry growing to a whole new level. Automatic water and nutrient delivery makes it easy to maintain optimal growing conditions for your berries.

And we’ve taken the guesswork out of nutrition. Our exclusive plan is based upon our 10+ years experience advising commercial berry growers on plant care and nutrition. And it’s what we use on our own commercial berry farm!


Convenient, Elevated Bench

Durable and maintenance-free, our revolutionary elevated bench makes it easy—and comfortable—to grow, care for, and harvest your own berries, no bending or kneeling required.

The elevated bench gets your plants within easy reach—and growing in reusable pots is convenient and makes it easier to control soil conditions. And the system is compact, to fit almost anywhere.


Greater Yields, Earlier Harvests

Ultimately, we’re all looking to grow more and healthier berries. In most areas, you can achieve two crops per year with our system—one in spring and one in fall. And you’ll have berries 1-2 weeks earlier than your local stores.

strawberry grow kit

Backyard to Table

The IBEX Strawberry System makes it easier than ever to grow fresh berries at home. Whether you keep them for yourself, or share with friends and neighbors, you’ll enjoy them knowing exactly how they were grown.

Commercial Inquiries

Interested in an IBEX system for a commercial operation?
Just email us at or call 800-506-6615 ext. 807 and we’ll be happy to help.

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