raspberry trellis growing system

Grow more raspberries at home, easier than ever.


Our system has everything you need to grow berries at home.

best raspberry growing system, trellis system


best raspberry growing system


best raspberry growing system

Compact, Rotatable
Trellis Structure

best raspberry growing system, trellis system

Easy to Grow,
Train & Harvest

Our compact, versatile trellis: Open up new possibilities.

best raspberry growing system

Open Position

This position allows an open canopy for more sun and air movement and increased photosynthesis.

raspberry growing system, trellis system


This position allows for closer row spacing, plus easier access for maintenance and harvesting.

Grow bigger, healthier, and more
raspberries with IBEX.

grow your own strawberries kit

All-In-One System

Our all-in-one Raspberry Growing System makes it easy to grow, care for and harvest your own raspberries at home. Now available for the first time to home growers, our revolutionary raspberry system has been used by commercial growers across the country since 2007.

In addition to our compact, adjustable-V trellis system, this all-in-one kit includes all required hardware, plus detailed FAQs and printed instructions. Available in 30- and 60-foot lengths.

grow your own strawberries kit

Simple Nutrient Plan

We’ve spent more than a decade advising commercial berry growers across the country, so we know what a difference having a proven, step-by-step nutrient plan can make at harvest time.

To make caring for your berries easy, you’ll also receive our exclusive recommended nutrient plan, with the advice and know-how you need to stay on track.


Compact, Rotatable
Trellis Structure

Developed, tested and proven for use by commercial growers, this system makes it easy to grow, care for, and harvest your own raspberries. Durable and maintenance-free, our adjustable-V trellis design improves positioning to optimize growing conditions and increase yields.

Commercial Inquiries

Interested in an IBEX system for a commercial operation?
Just email us at sales@IBEXgrows.com or call 800-506-6615 ext. 807 and we’ll be happy to help.

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