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Drip Stakes

0.50 GPH Single Drip Stake Assembly 24 in. - Bundle of 12 Single dripper stake assemblies will reduce set up time considerably. This 24 in. assembly will install right where you need it. Dripper assembly uses a 0.50 GPH pressure compensating emitter with CNL check vale, 24 in. of Super Flex Tubing and an angled barbed stake. Minimum operating pressure is 10 psi. Product Benefits
  • Easy to install using the IBEX Drip Line Punch Tool
  • Perfect for precision watering of your plants
  • For use with the Strawberry Growing Benches

Gripple Tensioning Tool

Product Benefits
  • Allows tensioning of cable up to 880 lbs
  • 6:1 gear drive mechanism
  • Integral torque gauge regulates load
  • Consistent tension
  • Optimizes the life of the wire
  • Measure from 220 lbs to 660 lbs
  • Easy to use and lightweight for repetitive tensioning
The Torque Tensioning Tool is a wire tensioner tool that regulates the load applied to it, delivering consistent results and maximizing the life of your wire. Whether tensioning fence wire or trellis wire rope for anchoring systems, the tensioning tool will work on all wire connector units up to a 6mm diameter.

Landscape Cloth (14′)

  • Dimension: 48″ x 14′
Product Benefits
  • IBEX ground cover weed barrier
  • UV stabilized and permeable to air and water for worry-free irrigation
  • Guaranteed to last five years in direct sunlight
  • A low cost, ecology safe alternative to herbicide use
  • Resists tearing and puncturing
  • Yellow guide strip every 12-inch helps align plants
  • For greenhouse and outdoor use
  • It’s possible to cut with a pair of scissors
  • Woven black polypropylene
  • Measures 4-feet width by 14-feet length
Easy Installation! You don’t need additional equipment or the assistance of the professionals to lay this out. This multi-purpose landscape fabric helps to combat erosion, protects soil from sudden weather changes, and serves as a separation layer. The most cost-effective and safe way to control weeds and grasses in your production field or greenhouse is to stop sunlight from aiding their growth.

Landscape Cloth Staples

Product Description
  • Dimensions: 6-inch length 1-inch square top
  • 60 staples per kit.
Product Benefits
  • Secures better and easier
  • Countless Outdoor Uses Including
    • Garden fencing, Artificial Turf, Burlap, Drip Irrigation, Chicken wire, Bird Netting, Lawn, Sod
  • Use fewer staples
  • Made of thicker, more durable steel
  • MADE IN THE USA- From the raw galvanized steel to forming of the staples to packaging. 100 % AMERICAN MADE.
Landscape staples are versatile tools used for holding down outdoor fabrics and materials like irrigation tape, chicken wire, synthetic grass mats, and more. By securing better, you can use fewer staples compared to 4-inch staples when pinning down your material. Sharp angled ends make for easy/effortless ground insertion. 1 inch square top- makes for easy insertion by hand, foot or hammer if needed. The extra length is the key to better securing your landscape fabric.

Misting/Frost Protection System

Product Benefits
  • Avoid Plant Damage
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Hard-Waring
The IBEX Misting Frost protection system is great for protecting your plants and extending your growing season.  Mist your fruit and veggies just like the professionals. The bridge-less design ensures drip-less operation so that any plants located below are protected from water drip-off. “Vibration” mechanism prevents build-up of mineral deposits in the nozzle – reducing need for maintenance and repairs. Micro-emitters are made from materials resistant to abrasive agrochemicals and harsh weather conditions. This assembly is specifically designed to be incorporated with the IBEX Drip Irrigation System and be installed on our Deluxe Strawberry Growing Bench.  The assembly is comprised of three misting heads and the tubing assembly.

Node 100 Valve and Controller/Timer

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4 x 6.5 inches Features
  • Timer communicates with your device using Bluetooth 4.0 from a range of 15 - 90'
  • Manage one to many controllers with one App
  • 3/4 Hose Thread Inlet/Outlet
  • Operating Pressure Range: 15-145 PSI
  • Watering Duration: 1 min - 12 hours
  • Suitable for small gardens and balconies
  • Features an internal valve and built-in filter
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • Pressure ranges from 15 to 145 PSI
  • Flow rates from 0.18-5.3 gallons per minute
  • Weekly or cyclical programming
  • Only one 9V alkaline battery required
  • Rain delay feature to pause operation
  • Simple female hose fitting that is very easy to replace
This Hose-End Irrigation Controller is one of the newest Bluetooth Hose-End timers available. The easy-to-use timer can be programmed and controlled from the free App (Android or iOS) on your mobile device or by the simple buttons on the unit itself. There is no need to search for the controller that is hidden in the plants to make program changes. The timer communicates with your device via Bluetooth 4.0 from a line-of-sight range of 15 - 90 feet (depending on surroundings). You can manage one or many Bluetooth Timers and/or Controllers from a single App. Naming each one individually for easy organization.  A great addition for your IBEX Strawberry Growing Bench!

Poly Weather Guard

Product Description
  • Dimensions: 84" x 142"
Product Benefits
  • Very Strong
    • 3 ply laminate covering combining two layers of fire retardant, linear, low density polyethylene and a high strength cord grid
    • Reinforced Fiber
  • Easy to Use
  • Constructed of 10 Mil Clear poly plastic
  • Still allows sunlight penetration and air flow through bench
  • Multiple layers and cord reinforcement resist punctures and tears.
  • Cold-crack resistance eliminates failures in cold temperatures.
  • Low permeability greatly inhibits moisture transmission.
The IBEX™ Weather Guard is designed specifically for our Strawberry Growing Bench and will last season after season. It rolls up easily and is stored directly on the bench. Deploy the weather guard to protect your plants/garden against heavy rain, hail, high winds, frost events or to keep pesky deer out.  Extend your season and protect your plants with the  IBEX™ Weather Guard.

Shade Weather Guard

Product Description
  • Dimensions: 84" x 142"
Product Benefits
  • Constructed of 100% UV stabilized polyethylene
  • Easy to deploy
  • Quality material
  • Lasts season after season
Give your plants a rest from the sun with the IBEX™ Shade Cloth. Constructed of 100% UV stabilized polyethylene, this 30% shade cloth will allow enough sunlight in for your plants to thrive while also giving them the break they need during the hottest times of the day.  Not only does the IBEX™ Shade guard provide shade, it will also keep birds at out and prevent deer from snacking on your plants.  The IBEX™ Shade Weather Guard is designed specifically for the IBEX™ 12 foot Growing Bench.

Bine Wire

Spring temper stainless steel wire. Four per set. 12' 8" long IBEX™ Bine Wires assist and enable hops vines to climb to the top of the IBEX™ trellis. Simple to install using the IBEX™ Spring Clips. The bottom of the wires are installed/pushed into in the grow bags or ground.  Galvanized, non-corrosive wire will enable you to use the wires season after season.

Spring Clips

Custom designed IBEX™ spring clips made of carbon spring steel and plated for rust corrosion. Set of 12 These clips will attach the hops bine wires to the top and bottom trellis wires. Easy to use.